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The yard games got real

You've found your way to Finland's first fully Street & Ball hockey importer and specialist shop specializing in ball hockey. Here is our story.

It wasn't the first thing that came to mind that Tolpinmäki's yard games 20 years ago would lead to the birth of the company. Well here it is now ready for the challenge. The idea for the company came about when I noticed more and more people became excited about the sport as well as a desire to invest in this fast-paced sport. In addition, a major factor was the encounter with the same issue every summer. 

"Do we have balls?" In the end, I decided to resolve the issue and let you know that we can get it from us.

Slipper, street hockey, ball hockey, street hockey, etc. The beloved sport has many names. A game that for myself has become a huge part of life as well as the absolute highlights of the summer. A game that has taken you around the world to the most interesting scenes.

The return to street play myself came in 2009 when a group of local guys needed another hammerhead for their playful Stanley cup finals.

That's where it started, fun-loving street games changed from asphalt to plastic, from an air tray to a puck tray, and from a taped tennis ball to an orange ball. The game came to be called Ball hockey.

During the nine years, I have been involved in 2 x club teams in the Euro Cup, 2 x World Cup for club teams as well as 4 x World Championships In addition to this type of SM championships have become familiar

Ball hockey is a very popular sport in Central Europe and North America, and I see no reason why the popularity of the sport would not explode here in the North, where almost everyone is born, with some kind of racket in hand and dreaming of an NHL career. Now I want to share my passion with you and bring the fast-paced game and its unique gaming equipment at your fingertips.

Bring your balls on the street!

Referring to our motto, we are a Finnish street & amp; ball hockey equipment importer and sports equipment seller and ball hockey messenger. We bring official game balls for your games.
You can find us in Turku Orikedo.

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Our mission is to provide 100% Street and ball hockey designed equipment and supplies for both players and goalkeepers, to develop the sport and its visibility in Su Ome and other Nordic countries and above all to help people to find their way back to a childhood-loved game.



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