The Game

Street hockey vs Ball hockey

A question that depends on who you ask it to. Canada Dek hockey, Switzerland Street hockey, Czech Republic Hokejbal and worldwide official street & amp; ball hockey. In Finland, however, these are known as two different species, even though the equipment is the same.

Street hockey is played in an air trough and on a slightly smaller field than ball hockey. In addition, there will be no coolers in street hockey, but instead there will be free kicks and penalty shots. In streethockey, the platform is often asphalt. Game time is running 2 x 10min.

Ball hockey is an easy game to start

In ball hockey, the rules are very much the same as in hockey. The sport is played with a full hockey pitch with its lengths and pitches. In addition, there are 2 min penalties in the sport. The playing time is efficient and the official playing time is 3 x 15min, but tournaments often use 2 x 15min. Ball hockey is played on a concrete or plastic tile platform.